Girl & Duck is the brainchild of Jen Storer, the sassiest, smartest, funniest Australian Kidlit Author EVER.

In 2017, Jen and Zoe embarked on an incredible adventure to reinvent the identity of Girl & Duck. The idea was to breathe a bit of new life into the brand. What eventuated went way beyond the usual corporate branding exercise.  It has been, and continues to be, a truly collaborative effort to create and maintain an identity which communicates visually the brilliance of what Jen delivers to creators of children's literature.
See below to see how the collaboration has unfolded.

Girl & Duck logotype to accompany the original Girl & Duck illustration by Gus Gordon

The 'Girl & Duck' website hero image, including a select few of our cast of ducks.

L–R: Ziggy Starduck, Duckicorn, Disco Duck, Resort Duck, Hipster Duck, Jen Storer (not a duck), Geek Duck (our esteemed tech-nerd saviour), Mama Duck, Festive Duck, 'Do the Verk' Duck, Messy Duck and Detective Duck.

The Girl & Duck shopfront. Go here to buy Jen's must-have creative writing course for creators of children's literature, and her book 'See Me Jump'.

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