Zoë Collins is a graphic designer and illustrator who has a penchant for beautifully bound journals. Always with several on the go, she loves to write and draw. Working with key clients, Zoë's strengths lie in branding, and communication strategy — with an emphasis on delivering originality and a strong visual presence. 

Most recently, she has worked with Jen Storer, children's author, redefining Jen's online presence and identity as an educator & business woman. Working behind the scenes at Girl & Duck, Zoë spends many hours doing what she loves most — communicating, illustrating and working with Jen to fully realise the potential of an online creative writing space.
Another key client is Dr Zewlan Moor, of Byron Bibliotherapy. A true collaborative effort, the identity is not what you'd expect of a bookish GP!  

In the next few years Zoe hopes to focus more and more on creative pursuits, with a growing trove of ideas she hopes to shape into tangible artefacts. Zoë has a blog called ‘Hoodlum Friends’ which she writes and illustrates as frequently as she can.

If you'd like to get in touch, please use the form below.
Thank you! Zoë reads all messages and tries very hard to keep up with all correspondence.
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