If you've no time for clicking, scroll down to see a random selection of Zoë's work. Enjoy!
Earrings now available!
Mixed media painting
Lasercut acrylic earrings featuring my original art.
Acrylic painting
Art earrings, now available!
Editorial illustration — collage + digital
Image for childrens' book (unpublished) - digital
Journal concept - pastel
Door wedge, handmade and painted.
Journal concept - pastel + digital
Journal concept - pencil + digital
Identity design for a client inc. website + stationery
Character design for a childrens' book
Personal project - Digital - for my blog, 'Hoodlum Friends'.
Editorial Illustration — collage + digital
In the Garden, Wendy felt ALIVE! Mixed media digital collage.
Artist book - mixed media
Journal concept - pastel
DPS for childrens' book (unpublished) - Digital
DPS for book, unpublished - mixed media digital collage
Sheila - copic markers + digital repeat pattern
Magic Bunny - digital
Eleanor - copic markers + digital repeat pattern
No, really. *grin - copic markers, hand lettered
A memory - gouache + digital collage
Monster character - digital illustration
hand lettered logo in situ.
Hand-lettered logo + illustration in situ
Irene - copic markers, watercolour and acrylic.
It was a dangerous job, though somebody had to do it. Ink, fineliner, digital, collage.
Rainbow ink lasercut acrylic earrings.
A book of Complaint - artist book. Mixed media.
Self portrait. Mixed media.
Created for girl & duck
The Governess, Miss Prism. Gouache, fineliner and digital collage.
Monoprint portrait.
Artist book
Editorial, personal project.